Honeywell S7800A2142/U

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The 7800A2142 four-line hi-contrast backlit display is larger, easier to read, and easier to program than 7800A1142. You’ll be able to view current system status, firstout remote annunciation, remote reset, report generation, fault information, burner control data, and real-time system diagnostics with plain text explanations of how to fix potential lock-out issues. Expanded features also let you name the 7830 Expanded Annunciator terminals to match your system’s drawings.

A display modules is required for programming valve proving and post purge features on all new or installed Honeywell RM7800 series burner controls. You can easily swap out your old display for the new four-line version.

  • Provides current status of burner sequence, timing, hold, and lockout information, remote reset, and report generation
  • First-out annunciation and system diagnostics
  • Set the language to English, Spanish, or French
  • UL, CSA, FM approved


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