Founded on the Backbone of Technical
Expertise and Customer Service

Founded in the 1960s by former Fireye employee Martin Johnson, Martin Control served the boiler instrumentation and controls business in Virginia, and soon expanded its geographic footprint to cover the Mid-Atlantic region.

In the 1980s Dick Mullis joined the team, followed by his brother Odell Mullis a few years later. Dick Mullis brought a background in instrumentation from the Air Force as well as experience working for big players like Dominion & Bailey Controls, where he developed his skills at a high level to run the service side of Martin Control. Odell Mullis has a background in instrument sales and management from his days at Fisher Scientific, where he learned and built a skill set to take over the sales and marketing of Martin Control.

In the mid-1990s, the Mullis brothers took ownership of the company and expanded the business outside the boiler room and into the process side of manufacturing and other combustion applications. This resulted in new customer growth up and down the East Coast.

As a multigenerational, family-owned and -operated company, we invest so much more in our business. We’re committed not only to our families and coworkers, but also to the full circle of partnerships and customer relationships that fuel our everyday drive. Our focus on ongoing customer relationships and service is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Martin Control is a Certified Small Business meeting Military, Federal and State Contracting Protocols.

“You know your processes and your largest challenges, and we have the application and field engineering team to support and resolve them”

-Mc Team

Who We Serve

We have long-standing, ongoing relationships with some of the biggest names in manufacturing industries, including pulp and paper, food and agriculture, and chemical manufacturing, . We serve the top names in various industries including dozens of Fortune 500 global brands. We’ve also worked with large higher education institutions as well as various power generation and municipal customers. These companies have relied on Martin Control for years to design, install, repair, inspect, and support their industrial heating and manufacturing systems.

Our customers span the spectrum of industrial and commercial companies: Food, agriculture and fisheries; colleges, prisons, and other large institutions; the automotive, rubber and tire industries; pharmaceutical companies; the tobacco industry; pulp and paper plants, and lumber and wood curing companies; asphalt and cement factories; power generators; the waste and wastewater sector; state procurement departments; managed inventory companies, integrated suppliers and resellers; mechanical contractors; chemical companies; and OEM.

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The Martin Control Difference

At Martin Control, we’re more than a parts supplier. We’re experienced, solution-driven combustion experts with a deep understanding of your business, your manufacturing processes, and your problems. Our focus on safety, compliance, responsive customer service, and ongoing consulting and training set us apart from others in the industry. Let us show you how Martin Control can partner with you to keep your heating and manufacturing systems running!