Maxon Shutoff Valves? No Problem. We’ve Got You.

Over the last year, many businesses have been forced to change the way they do business, and Martin Control is no different. Industry shipping times have become unpredictable with supply chain issues looming and port delays popping up. With that in mind, the team at Martin Control is investing money in building a stock of our own for a high moving, large opportunity product line- Maxon Shutoff Valves!

As an industry leader in burner and fuel delivery products for several decades, Maxon continues to provide the highest quality industrial combustion products in the market. For your convenience, here is the product brochure to assist in both sizing and attribute selection for your configured Maxon Shutoff Valve. We would be happy to go through this with you if need be- 5000 series Maxon valves

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If you have an inquiry on a Maxon Shutoff Valve or any other combustion related products, please email or give us a call at 804-550-7153 and we will help you however we can!