IR Thermometers

IR-AH Series Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers

The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers have features of a wide measuring range from -50°C to 3000°C, digital displays of the measured value in the finder and on the panel board, and storing function of the measured data. An RS-232C port is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer. With a Data Logging Software (sold separately) , you can analysis and manage the measured data.

Data storage
Maximum 1000 data can be stored. The data stored are readable on the display with index numbers for easy classification of data.

Easy-to-read internal and external digital display
A measured value is digitally displayed in the finder and on the panel board

.RS-232C port
The communications interface port (RS-232C) is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer

.Signal modulation
Measurement modes of real value (real) maximum value (peak), average value (delay) and minimum value (valley) are selectable for measuring purposes.

Data logging software
The data logging software is separately prepared for the analysis and management of the measured data.

Analog output (option)
The analog output of 0 to 1VDC is offered at an optional specification. By using an AC power adapter (option), the continuous measurement enabled.

Other functions
Various functions including high/low alarms, °C/°F selection, auto-power-off, battery check and user’s calibration (zero/span) are available.

All models are complying with CE.  (link to product spec PDF)   (link to product PDF)


IR-FA Series Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer

The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in.

Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available.Low temperature type with high-speed response (10ms) and short wavelength enables to measure objects with low emissivity like as metals.Medium/high temperature type with high accuracy (±0.5 to 1% for 1000 to 2000°C) and high-speed response (10ms) is for various temperature measurement fields.

Two-color type is stable with less effectiveness of smoke, vapor, dust and lack-of-view.Digital temperature display and settings of parameters by key operation.Small and lightweight (90 x 90 x 60mm, about 250g), DIN-rail installation.

Temperature measurement of inductive heating object, measurement in explosion-proof environment, measurement in vacuum equipment and other measurement are possible.By using heat-resistive fiber optic, measurement the environment at 150°C is possible without any water-cooling.By signal modulation function, the stable temperature measurement is possible.

Laser function for easy spotting of measuring point (option).A lens assembly with finder for spotting of measuring point with eyes is available from accessories.By the communications interface (RS-485), the data logging and parameters setting are enabled from a personal computer.

Emissivity setting (emissivity ratio for two-color type) by analog input or automatic emissivity computation function is selectable. (option)CE conformance